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Playa Jaco is Costa Rica Bachelor Party #1 Destination

Manuel Antonio
Sport Fishing
Canopy Tour
ATV Adventure
Manuel Antonio, located on the Central Pacific Coast, is a unique destination which blends the stunning tropical beauty which has come to define Costa Rica on an international level, an authentic Costa Rica port community with more than a century of history, and world class tourism infrastructure and amenities.

While even a preliminary tour around this amazing National Park reveals that natural beauty is rampant, it is nearly impossible to find another destination which combines the elements which have come together to make the Manuel Antonio area one of the most sought after destination in all of the Americas.

Manuel Antonio National Park tour give us the chance to enjoy an spectacular fusion of idyllic white sand beaches which are lined by lush rainforest teeming with wildlife.

Bring swimming suits, tennis shoe or strap sandals, insect repellent, binoculars and sun cream.
We departure everyday from Jaco Beach at 7am and we come back around 4pm and the tour includes: Transportation, guide, entrance fee to the park and fruits.

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Packages After years of experiencing Bachelor Parties in Costa Rica - we have come to one conclusion.... It is so much easier for
everyone involved in a Destination Bachelor Party - to just choose a Package we offer and customize it to your groups specific
needs and desires. This is why you choose a custom built package... to eliminate Problems -

Here are a few standard problems Bachelor Groups face... that we Eliminate.

Step 1. Finding the house - this process alone can be a HUGE pain in the butt for you trying to do it on your own. First off you are not
from down here so the chances of picking a good house for a bachelor party - online - are not that high... picking a bad house could
really Screw Up your weekend.... we have all of the best houses already picked out for you to choose from - easy - and you don't
have to worry about dealing with a bunch of stressful paperwork with the home owner who probably speaks Spanish... you rent the
house and it is not as it appeared on the website - and you guys get screwed. We have seen this happen so many times - the house
is not as promised and that is not cool. We are down here and live down here full time and know very specifically each property we
rent and do not False Advertise about properties. and we are going to be there with you guys so we will be held responsible for the
house and its condition - thus - we would never rent you guys a Un-Rad house... And, not to mention we have the sickest houses
down here for Bachelor Parties. We make the House finding process easy and fun for you...

Step 2. Coming down here and never being here before - can be a daunting task and set up immediate guaranteed issues for you on
your trip. I am going to simplify this whole paragraph and simply say that it is almost invaluable for you to have a Host with you
when you get here. The host knows how things operate in this country and how to get things done. Also - speaks Spanish and where
things are in this country. It is different here, not bad, but different. They have not yet developed a Postal System in the country so
there are no addresses. It really helps to know what is what. The country is very developed in many ways and under-developed in
other areas. That is what makes it so fun. So just straight up - you really need someone like us to show you around and get you
grounded and help you with everything you want while here. as oppose to spending your Whole Trip trying to figure out how things

Step 3. Once you are here - knowing what to do. What clubs go off when. What are the good bars to chill at - stuff like that to make
you Partying Process a lot smoother and more fun. Imagine ending up at the boring clubs and really missing the real excitement
this country has to offer.

Step 4. Picking the good tours and not getting stuck with the bad vendors. This happens a lot down here with groups that did not get
proper consultation. They end up picking the tours that suck and they get ripped off or what ever.. Trust me - there are some horror
stories of people gotten taken for money... but anyway - non of that exists with us. We have all of the best sport fishing captains and
all of the best tour vendors so that you get to have the best experience while down here and don't end up dealing with Doads that
are trying to rip you off. It happens a lot down here because they are not thinking about a long term relationship with you as a
customer... we are... we want you to come back and refer your friends to us... please - if you are happy with our service to you..

Step 5. Food Issues. If you have you food and service taken care of on your trip - you are stylin. if not - you are going to be waking
up hung over as shit and there is going to be nothing to drink in the fridge and no food... this sucks and is the worst thing for a hang
over... wouldn't you rather - wake up - still hung over as shit - but now - there is a variety of colorful Gatorades in the fridge, fresh
squeezed ice cold juice on the counter, hot coffee brewing, bagels and cream cheese and some hot chick cooking you up bacon
and eggs and cheese croissants and fresh fruit... as you look thru glass windows into the tropical ocean right in front of the house.
That is what were talking about. We have pre-thought your brain-dead states in the morning and are there nourish you with some
good home cooking...

Step 6. Transportation Issues. Basically - we give all of our groups a full time on call driver. Right when you land we had you a local
cell phone with all relevant numbers pre-programmed. And you will have a intelligent driver at your beckon call. this eliminates so
much wasted time for you, you have no idea. Dealing with the taxi cabs down here can be a real hassle and waste of money. Let us
Coast you around in a Big Comfortable A/C van. Private Van up to 20 People

Step 7. Entertainment Issues - If you don't get Properly entertained while you are down here - you are going to have a Not Awesome
Time.. and that is not cool. You need to be hanging with the guys who know every one down here and know how to host a big party
and get you guys to the hippest spots to Experience what is to be had down here. If you get in proper hosting - you are not going to
be entertained and all your buddies are going to be bummed and it is going to suck.

So Bottom line - if you get a Package Deal for your Bachelor Group - it makes everything a lot Cheaper for Everyone and much
Easier. If you would like us to send you a Standard Tour Package for your group - just put your name and e-mail in the box and we
will get one right over to you so that you can show your buddies and can start to make some solid decisions and start Planning your
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